Now Booking Campus and Community Screenings!

Bring these films to your classroom, church, library or community center. Filmmakers Corey Ohama & Brenda Avila-Hanna, and documentary participant Vanessa Martinez can help lead a discussion, or you can use our provided discussion guides.  Contact us at dreamerdocs@gmail.com for more info. For more information about the rescission of DACA and how to take action to pass […]

STREAM DREAMer DOCS for FREE thru SEP 30, 2017!

The future of DACA is in jeopardy. It is a moment of uncertainty, as DACA could get rescinded by the Trump administration or blocked by a court ruling. These trying times also bring opportunity, as new DREAM Act-like legislation has been introduced into Congress. In solidarity with DACA recipients and their families, both of our […]